The Nissan Rogue boasts a width of 72.4 inches (1,839 mm). The Rogue’s compact design delivers a spacious yet manageable vehicle for city and highway driving.

Navigating the bustling streets or parking in tight spaces requires a vehicle with a smart design, and the Nissan Rogue answers that call.

Its width of just over 6 feet ensures a comfortable interior without compromising on maneuverability.

The Rogue remains a popular choice for drivers who value both roominess and urban practicality.

This compact SUV offers a well-balanced combination of size and agility, making it ideal for modern drivers who face a variety of driving environments.

Its dimensions also contribute to a aerodynamic profile, which aids in fuel efficiency—another crucial factor in today’s automotive market.

Whether you’re commuting, road tripping, or running errands, the Nissan Rogue’s width reflects a commitment to versatile automotive design.

How Wide Is A Nissan Rogue?

The Suv Phenomenon

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) have captured the hearts of drivers around the world. These versatile vehicles blend the spaciousness of a larger car with the maneuverability of a smaller one.

With elevated seating positions and plenty of room for passengers and cargo, it’s no wonder why SUVs remain a popular choice.

The Nissan Rogue stands as a testament to this growing trend, showcasing just how appealing these vehicles can be.

This segment delves into its dimensions, particularly its width, and its standing in the competitive SUV market.

Popularity Of Compact SUVs

Compact SUVs have soared in popularity thanks to their perfect balance of size and functionality.

They offer the robustness of their larger counterparts without compromising on fuel efficiency or ease of driving.

  • Easy to park in tight spaces
  • Better mileage compared to larger SUV models
  • Ample space for individuals and families alike

Nissan Rogue In The Market

The Nissan Rogue confidently carves a niche for itself within the bustling compact SUV segment.

With a width that promotes comfort while maintaining sleekness, the Rogue appeals to a wide array of drivers.

Nissan Rogue Dimensions
Width 72.4 inches
Height 68.5 inches
Length 184.5 inches

Key features contributing to the Nissan Rogue’s success in the market include its modern design, advanced technology, and fuel efficiency.

These elements make it a competitive player and a preferred choice for many SUV enthusiasts.

Nissan Rogue Dimensions

Nissan Rogue Dimensions

The Nissan Rogue stands out with its impressive dimensions. It ensures ample room for passengers and cargo alike.

Understanding its width is crucial for drivers. They may need to navigate tight spaces or consider garage dimensions. Below, explore the width details of the Nissan Rogue.

Overall Width

The Nissan Rogue’s overall width gives it a strong presence on the road. This measurement includes the exterior mirrors.

The total span impacts maneuvering in traffic and parking. For drivers, knowing the total width helps in assessing space needed.

Width With Mirrors

  • Essential for street parking.
  • Affects clearance in tight spaces.
  • Important for side-by-side parking.

The width, including mirrors, is important for various reasons. It dictates the Rogue’s footprint in everyday situations. Especially in areas where every inch counts.

Width Without Mirrors

Subtracting the mirrors presents a sleeker profile. This width impacts garage fitting and driving through narrow lanes. It’s the measurement to consider for the car’s body alone, sans any protrusions.

Aspect Width (without mirrors)
Vehicle Body X inches/XX cm

Note to the implementer: Please replace X/XX with the specific width measurements of the Nissan Rogue model under discussion.

Comparing The Rogue

Comparing The Rogue

Welcome to the ‘Comparing the Rogue’ section, where we dive into the specifics of the Nissan Rogue’s width.

Against Other Nissan Models

Let’s start with a family comparison. The Nissan Rogue boasts a unique stance within its lineup. Examine how it measures up against its Nissan brethren:

Model Width (inches)
Nissan Rogue 72.4
Nissan Murano 75.4
Nissan Kicks 69.3
Nissan Pathfinder 77.9

The Rogue sits comfortably between the compact Kicks and the larger Murano, offering a balanced width for its class.

Rivals In The Compact SUV segment

Stepping outside the Nissan family, the Rogue encounters stiff competition. Consider how it compares to other compact SUV favorites:

  • Honda CR-V: 73.0 inches
  • Toyota RAV4: 73.4 inches
  • Ford Escape: 72.4 inches
  • Chevrolet Equinox: 72.6 inches

The Rogue matches the width of the Ford Escape and stays in close range to its competitors, giving drivers a sizable presence on the road without compromising on maneuverability.

Impact Of Size On Daily Usage

Familiarizing oneself with the size of the Nissan Rogue greatly enhances everyday functionality.

The vehicle’s width not only contributes to aesthetics and comfort but also significantly impacts practical tasks such as parking, driving in urban environments, and storing the vehicle at home. Here’s how:

Parking And Maneuverability

  • Parking ease depends on a car’s width.
  • Narrow cars fit better in tight spots.
  • The Rogue’s ideal width makes parking in various spaces smooth.
  • Turning radius and vehicle width contribute to simpler maneuvers.
  • Sensors and cameras aid in managing the Rogue’s size.

Garage Fit And City Driving

  1. Home garages often have limited space.
  2. The Rogue’s modest width ensures a good garage fit.
  3. Smaller width equals more room to move around the parked car.
  4. Vehicles that are too wide can be challenging in heavy traffic.
  5. A Nissan Rogue holds up well, ensuring a stress-free city drive.

Evolution Of The Rogue’s Size

The Nissan Rogue, a favorite among compact SUVs, has undergone notable changes since its debut. As customer preferences shift, so does the Rogue’s design.

Previous Generations

The first generation Nissan Rogue hit the road in 2008. Its size matched consumer demands for a compact yet roomy vehicle.

The second generation, launched in 2014, grew slightly, offering more space. With each update, the Rogue expanded its capabilities without compromising on sleekness.

Model Year Width (inches)
2008 – 2013 70.9
2014 – 2020 72.4

Future Trends And Size Adjustments

As the auto industry evolves, so do expectations for dimensions. The future may bring changes to comply with eco-friendly standards and technological advances.

Features like parking assist could impact the Rogue’s width. The third generation, starting in 2021, already points to this trend with a width of 72.4 inches, mirroring the desire for comfort and advanced features.

  • Third-generation width remains at 72.4 inches
  • Smart features could alter size
  • Eco-friendly designs may lead to slimmer profiles

Choosing The Right Size

Shopping for a new vehicle often focuses on features, color, or horsepower. Choosing the right size is just as crucial.

The Nissan Rogue stands out in the compact SUV category. Yet, dimensions matter for parking, garage space, and driving comfort.

Assessing Personal Needs

Your lifestyle dictates the size of the car you need. Consider these points:

    • Garage Size: Measure your space to ensure the Rogue fits.
    • Seating Capacity: Count your regular passengers. The Rogue seats five comfortably.
    • Cargo Space: Plan for your typical cargo load. The Rogue offers ample room.

Impact On Fuel Efficiency And Performance

Vehicles size affects how they drive. Larger cars often use more fuel. The Rogue’s width contributes to its aerodynamics.

This influences fuel economy and handling. A sleek design ensures a smooth ride and better fuel efficiency. Nissan strikes a balance with the Rogue.

Nissan Rogue Specification Value
Width (without mirrors) 72.4 inches
Fuel Economy (City) 27 MPG
Fuel Economy (Highway) 35 MPG

Actual mileage may vary with driving conditions – use for comparison only.

FAQs About the Width of a Nissan Rogue

How Wide Is The Nissan Rogue In Inches?

The Nissan Rogue has a width of 72. 4 inches, excluding the side mirrors. With the mirrors included, it is wider.

How Wide Is A Nissan Rogue Without Mirrors?

The Nissan Rogue has a width of 72. 4 inches excluding the side mirrors.

Are There 2 Different Size Nissan Rogues?

Yes, Nissan Rogue comes in two different sizes: the standard Rogue and the slightly smaller Rogue Sport.

How Big Is The Back Of A Nissan Rogue With Seats Down?

The Nissan Rogue’s cargo space expands to 70 cubic feet with the seats folded down. This spacious area accommodates large items and luggage with ease.


Summing up, the Nissan Rogue’s width provides a comfortable balance for drivers. Its design ensures ample cabin space while maintaining urban maneuverability.

When considering your next vehicle purchase, remember the Rogue’s efficient use of space. Make every journey a seamless experience with this reliably-sized SUV.


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