65 lb cardstock typically measures between 0.007 and 0.009 inches in thickness. This equates to about 0.18 to 0.23 millimeters.

Understanding cardstock characteristics is crucial for crafters, printers, and marketers. A 65 lb cardstock offers a sturdy feel without being overly rigid, straddling a fine line between flexibility and durability.

It’s a common choice for business cards, postcards, and scrapbooking, where a substantial feel is desirable without the bulk of heavier stock.

Selecting the right cardstock thickness can impact the final product’s quality and perception.

As such, knowing the precise thickness of 65 lb cardstock helps in making informed decisions for printing needs, ensuring that the results meet project specifications and audience expectations.

This balance of practicality and quality makes 65 lb cardstock a versatile material for various applications.

How Thick Is 65 Lb Cardstock?

Cardstock Basics

In the world of printing and crafting, understanding cardstock is key to creating beautiful projects. Cardstock thickness plays a big role in the durability and finish of the final product.

We will explore the essentials of cardstock, particularly focusing on 65 lb cardstock and how it measures up to other paper types.

What Is Cardstock?

Cardstock is a paper variety that is thicker and more durable than standard writing or printing paper.

Often used for postcards, invitations, and other needing extra strength, it comes in various weights and sizes. The ‘lb’ or pound measurement indicates the paper’s weight.

Comparing Cardstock And Standard Paper

Compared to standard paper, cardstock is noticeably thicker and heftier. Here’s a quick comparison using common attributes:

AttributeStandard PaperCardstock
ThicknessThinner, bends easilyThicker, holds shape
WeightApprox. 20 lbVaries, up to 100+ lb
Use CasesWriting, printing documentsCards, covers, crafts

The 65 lb cardstock is a medium weight option. It’s sturdier than regular paper and great for a range of crafts and prints. It withstands handling and is ideal for items needing a bit of heft without being too rigid.

Grading Paper Thickness

Understanding paper thickness is key when choosing the right cardstock for a project. Paper thickness, often referred to as ‘caliper’, is usually measured in thousandths of an inch and is crucial in determining paper weight and usage.

Whether you’re crafting business cards, invitations, or postcards, knowing how thick your paper is can make a big difference in the final product.

Understanding Paper Weight

The weight of paper, including cardstock, is measured in pounds per 500 sheets of the base size of the paper in the United States.

The base size differs depending on the paper type, meaning that different types of paper with the same weight might still have different thicknesses.

This measurement is not the actual weight of a single sheet but rather a historical measure of the paper’s thickness and sturdiness.

65 Lb Cardstock In Context

65 lb cardstock is a popular choice for its versatility. It’s important to put this into context. Although it’s considered a medium weight, it’s thicker and more durable than regular paper.

It stands up to frequent handling, making it ideal for items like greeting cards or project covers. To give a clearer idea of its thickness, 65 lb cardstock is roughly equivalent to 176 g/m2 (grams per square meter) and is about 0.0098 inches thick. Discover its benefits:

  • Sturdiness: Resilient against bends and folds.
  • Printability: Excellent for printing without jamming.
  • Texture: Offers a premium feel over regular paper.

Measuring 65 Lb Cardstock

Measuring 65 Lb Cardstock

Are you wondering about the exact thickness of 65 lb cardstock? Understanding the specific dimensions of your paper can make a big difference in choosing the right material for your projects.

Let’s dig into the thickness of 65 lb cardstock, measuring its dimensions in both inches and millimeters.

The Thickness In Inches

When it comes to paper thickness, every detail matters. The 65 lb cardstock is a popular choice for its sturdy feel. In terms of inches, this cardstock is approximately 0.0098 inches thick.

This makes it a reliable option for postcards, business cards, and covers, giving each project a professional touch. Not too flimsy and not excessively rigid, 65 lb cardstock strikes the perfect balance for everyday use.

The Thickness In Millimeters

Switching over to metric measurements, 65 lb cardstock offers a thickness of about 0.25 millimeters. This sturdy and versatile cardstock is quite a catch for projects that require a substantial feel without the bulk.

Its fairly thin profile enables it to pass through most printers without jamming, making it incredibly user-friendly for all your crafting and printing needs.


If precision is key for your project, knowing these measurements helps ensure your end product has exactly the right feel and weight.

With this guide, selecting the perfect cardstock for your next project is easier than ever. No more guesswork, just the perfect paper for your perfect project.

Applications For 65 Lb Cardstock

Applications for 65 lb Cardstock span a diverse range of creative and functional projects. The 65 lb cardstock, not as thick as higher weight cardstocks, holds its form with ease.

Understanding the scope of its versatility can enhance your crafting and professional work.

Ideal Uses For This Weight

Perfect for both personal and professional applications, 65 lb cardstock is a popular choice. Its stiffness exceeds regular paper, yet it remains flexible enough to pass through most home printers without issue.

  • Invitations: Reliable for events like birthdays and weddings.
  • Greeting Cards: Creates a substantial feel that conveys quality.
  • Business Cards: Offers durability for a lasting impression.
  • Flyers: Stands up to handling; remains crisp and legible.
  • DIY Crafts: A great base for decorations and handmade items.
  • Scrapbooking: Thick enough to add dimension without bulk.

Projects To Avoid With 65 Lb Cardstock

While 65 lb cardstock is notably versatile, it is not suitable for all project types. It may prove too light for certain uses where rigidity is key.

  • Structural Models: Prone to bending, unsuitable for heavy-duty builds.
  • Book Covers: Lacks the necessary heft for durability and protection.
  • Boxes: May not hold shape or support weight effectively.
  • Engraving: Thicker cardstock better absorbs impressions.
  • 3D Sculptures: More liable to warp or collapse than heavier stock.

Choosing The Right Cardstock

Choosing The Right Cardstock

When embarking on projects requiring a sturdy material, like invitations or business cards, selecting the appropriate cardstock is vital.

With options like 65 lb cardstock, thickness is a key aspect to consider for the right look and feel. Let’s delve into what to think about when choosing your ideal cardstock.

Factors To Consider

  • Project Type: Determine the project to find suitable thickness and flexibility.
  • Printer Compatibility: Ensure your printer can handle the cardstock weight.
  • Finish: Choose from matte, glossy, or textured surfaces depending on the visual effect desired.
  • Color and Brightness: Bright white or vibrant colors can influence the final product’s look.
  • Environmental Impact: Consider recycled options for an eco-friendly choice.

Popular Brands And Products

Browsing brands that specialize in quality cardstock can ease the selection process. Here are some of the top contenders:

BrandProductWeight OptionsFinish Types
NeenahExact Index65 lb, 110 lbSmooth
HammermillPremium Color Copy Cover60 lb, 80 lb, 100 lbGlossy
Cardstock WarehousePaper Bag Kraft65 lb, 100 lbFiber Texture

Working With 65 Lb Cardstock

For those creative projects or professional print jobs, understanding the nuances of 65 lb cardstock is essential. Thickness becomes a key player when determining the right paper for your needs.

65 lb cardstock strikes a balance between flexibility and durability, making it a go-to choice for various applications such as greeting cards, posters, and business cards.

Printing Tips

Ensuring a sharp and vibrant print on 65 lb cardstock involves a few key steps:

  • Check your printer’s maximum paper weight capacity to confirm it can handle 65 lb cardstock.
  • Use high-quality inks to prevent smudging and ensure long-lasting prints.
  • Adjust printer settings to the correct paper type for optimal ink absorption.
  • Allow prints to dry completely before handling to avoid smears.

Cutting And Folding Techniques

Management of 65 lb cardstock during cutting and folding is just as important:

Use a sharp blade or a guillotine for clean edges.Score before cutting to prevent unwanted tears.Measure twice, cut once to ensure precision.Always score lines before folding to achieve crisp edges.Use a bone folder for smoother folds.Avoid over-folding to prevent cracking along the fold line.

FAQs About How Thick Is 65 Lb Cardstock

How Thick Is 60lb Paper?

60lb paper typically has a thickness of about 0. 0047 inches or 0. 12 millimeters.

What Is The Average Thickness Of Cardstock?

The average thickness of cardstock ranges from 0. 1 to 0. 3 inches (0. 254 to 0. 762 mm).

What Does 67 Lb Paper Mean?

67 lb paper refers to a cardstock-like paper with a weight of 67 pounds per 500 standard sheets of its basis size, indicating a medium thickness and durability.

Which Is Heavier 80 Or 100 Cardstock?

100 cardstock is heavier than 80 cardstock, as the number indicates the weight of the paper stock.


Concluding, knowing the thickness of 65 lb cardstock is essential for your crafting needs. At approximately 0. 18 mm, this medium-weight cardstock balances durability with flexibility.

Remember to gauge the right cardstock for your project’s requirements. Elevate your creative work by choosing wisely – 65 lb cardstock could be perfect!

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