The Ram 1500 has a width of approximately 82.1 inches, including mirrors. For an optimal search result, precise dimensions are crucial for vehicle buyers and enthusiasts.

The Ram 1500 stands out in the competitive truck market with its generous width, contributing to a formidable road presence and spacious cabin.

This full-size pickup truck boasts not only impressive external dimensions but also a meticulously crafted interior, ensuring both comfort and functionality.

Widely recognized for its robust performance and sleek design, the Ram 1500 caters to those who demand reliability combined with aesthetic appeal.

Prospective buyers and automotive aficionados alike often prioritize vehicle size and proportions, making the width of the Ram 1500 a significant specification.

As Ram continues to innovate and refine their lineup, the Ram 1500 remains a top contender in its class, thanks to its broad stance and substantial build.

How Wide Is A Ram 1500?

Introduction To The Ram 1500

The Ram 1500 is a powerhouse of capability and comfort. This full-size pickup truck stands out in the market for its robust performance, sophisticated design, and impressive hauling capacity.

Whether you’re navigating city streets or tough terrain, the Ram 1500 delivers a seamless experience.

Popularity And Versatility

The Ram 1500 is a favorite among truck enthusiasts and families alike. Its versatility in function makes it suitable for a variety of needs.

The truck can easily switch from a reliable workhorse during the week to a family vehicle for weekend adventures.

Its wide array of trims and options assure a fit for every user, from the Tradesman to the lavish Limited model.

  • Work-ready capabilities – tackle any job with ease
  • Family-friendly features – comfort meets utility with spacious interiors
  • Luxe amenities – high-end trims offer unparalleled luxury

Importance Of Knowing Dimensions

Knowledge of your vehicle’s dimensions is critical. It impacts your ability to navigate tight spaces, park, and load the truck.

The Ram 1500’s width influences garage fit, clearance, and more.

Add more rows as necessary

Model Width (inches)
Ram 1500 Tradesman 82.1
Ram 1500 Big Horn 82.1
Ram 1500 Laramie 82.1

The width remains consistent across various trims, ensuring a uniform experience in handling and stability.

Confirming the vehicle’s fit in personal spaces can save time and prevent complications.

Dimensions At A Glance

Dimensions At A Glance

Understanding the size of the Ram 1500 is crucial for truck enthusiasts and potential buyers.

Whether you’re trying to fit into a garage, navigate city parking, or comparing it with other trucks, knowing the dimensions helps immensely.

Let’s delve into the details with ‘Dimensions at a Glance’ and explore the Ram 1500’s size.

Standard Bed And Cab Sizes

The Ram 1500 offers a mix of versatility and space. With various bed and cab configurations, every need can be met. Below are the key dimensions:

  • Crew Cab with Short Bed: Depth and comfort
  • Quad Cab with Standard Bed: Balance of passenger and cargo space
Configuration Bed Length Cab Size
Crew Cab, Short Bed 5 feet 7 inches Spacious
Quad Cab, Standard Bed 6 feet 4 inches Comfortable

Comparing With Other Trucks

Stacking the Ram 1500 against its competitors gives insight into its stance in the market. Here’s how it fares:

Truck Model Width Remarks
Ram 1500 82.1 inches Robust and roomy
Ford F-150 79.9 inches Slightly narrower
Chevrolet Silverado 81.2 inches Comparable in size

Top takeaways: The Ram 1500 stands out with a generous width that provides substantial interior and bed space. Such dimensions ensure comfort and utility, making it a prominent choice for truck lovers.

Interior Space Details

When choosing a pickup truck like the Ram 1500, interior space is key. The Ram 1500 stands out not only for its muscular performance but also for its spacious and comfortable cabin.

Whether it’s a family trip or a hard day at work, this truck ensures passengers and cargo fit with ease.

Cabin Comfort And Seating

The Ram 1500 invites you into a cabin that speaks volumes about comfort and luxury. Bold design choices and quality materials come together to create a premium and relaxing experience for all occupants.

  • Spacious legroom for both front and rear passengers
  • Adjustable seating for personalized comfort
  • Heated and ventilated seats available for enhanced comfort

The reclining rear seats amplify the comfort level, making even the longest rides enjoyable.

Cargo Capacity Inside The Cabin

The Ram 1500 does not skimp on cargo space within its cabin. Ingenious storage solutions ensure that you can bring along all your essentials.

Cargo Feature Description
In-floor storage Hidden bins to stow items out of sight
Rear seat storage Compartment under the rear bench for tools or gear
Center console Large, multi-functional space for personal items

These features make the Ram 1500 an expert in maximizing interior space for all your belongings.

Exterior Measurements

Exterior Measurements

Width Including Mirrors

The Ram 1500 is designed with robust mirrors that provide excellent visibility. Width including mirrors is significant.

It reflects how much space the truck will occupy on the road.

Model Width Including Mirrors (inches)
Standard 96.5
With Towing Mirrors 105.5

Width With Mirrors Folded

When space is at a premium, the Ram 1500’s mirrors can fold. Width with mirrors folded becomes notably less, easing parking and storage.

  • Folded Width: 82.1 inches

Turning Radius Insights

The Ram 1500’s turning radius affects how tightly it can turn. A smaller radius means tighter turns, handy in many situations.

  1. Regular Cab, Short Bed: 39.5 feet
  2. Quad Cab, Standard Bed: 45.4 feet
  3. Crew Cab, Long Bed: 49.1 feet

Parking And Maneuvering

Finding a comfortable spot for your Ram 1500 need not be tough. Knowing its width helps.

Garage Fit And Parking Space

Will your Ram 1500 cozy up in your garage? Measure first. It’s about 82 inches wide. That’s with mirrors folded. Consider this:

  • Garage width: Aim for at least 9 to 10 feet. More is better.
  • Clearance: Doors open? You’ll want a few extra feet.
  • Storage: Keep it tidy. Bulky items mean less wiggle room.

For outdoor spots, size varies. Here’s a quick guide:

Parking Spot Type Minimum Width
Compact Tight fit, not recommended
Standard Comfortable for your Ram
Oversized Plenty of space

Pick the right spot and parking becomes a breeze.

Navigating The Urban Landscape

Dense traffic? Narrow streets? Your Ram 1500 can manage. Here’s your urban driving guide:

  • Size awareness: The truck’s big. Remember that.
  • Mirror use: Keep them adjusted. They’re your best pals in tight spots.
  • Camera systems: Many Rams have them. Use them to inch into spots safely.
  • Practice: Try quieter areas first. Build your confidence.

Park with assurance, even when space is snug. Your Ram 1500 and you are ready to tackle any city challenge.

Modifications And Customizations

Owning a Ram 1500 invites a world of personalization. Owners love to tweak their trucks to reflect their style.

These modifications often extend to the width of the vehicle. Changing the Ram 1500’s width can yield a more aggressive stance and sometimes improved capability.

Let’s explore the impact of aftermarket additions and the rules that govern such changes.

Impact On Width With Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts can significantly alter a Ram 1500’s dimensions. Typical enhancements include wider tires, extended fenders, and flared wheel arches.

Below is an illustration of how these parts can change the truck’s width:

Modification Typical Width Increase
Wider Tires 1-3 inches
Extended Fenders 2-4 inches
Wheel Arch Extensions 2-6 inches

Notably, adding side steps or running boards does not typically affect the measurable width.

Regulations And Considerations

Before expanding your truck’s waistline, it’s vital to understand the legal restrictions. Different states have maximum allowable vehicle widths usually around 80 to 102 inches.

These limits help ensure safety on roads and compatibility with traffic lanes. Exceptions regularly exist for commercial or special use vehicles.

  • Check Local Laws: Verify your state’s restrictions on vehicle width.
  • Inspection and Approval: Some modifications may require inspection before hitting the road.
  • Safety First: Wider vehicles might affect maneuverability and stability.

Remember, compliance with local laws is crucial for legal road use and insurance purposes.

Consult with experts and use high-quality parts to maintain safety while expressing your distinct style.

FAQs About the Width of a Ram 1500.

How Wide Is The Ram 1500 Truck?

The width of the Ram 1500 truck is approximately 82. 1 inches, including the side mirrors. Without mirrors, it measures 79. 4 inches.

How Wide Is A 16 Ram 1500?

The width of a 2016 Ram 1500 is approximately 79. 4 inches without the mirrors.

How Wide Is A 2017 Ram 1500?

The width of a 2017 Ram 1500 is 79. 4 inches (2,017 mm) excluding the mirrors.

How Wide Is A 2018 Ram 1500?

The 2018 Ram 1500 has a width of 79. 4 inches. This measurement excludes the side mirrors.


Knowing the width of your Ram 1500 is vital for a variety of scenarios. Whether navigating through tight spaces or planning for a garage fit, the Ram 1500’s width plays a crucial role.

Remember, this key measurement ensures a confident and informed driving experience.

Safe travels and perfect parking await with this knowledge in hand.


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